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David Lamelas: Gavin Gamboa with León de Castillo Performance

Performance: Gavin Gamboa with León de Castillo

Tausendvierhundertsechzehn for Tenor and String Quartet (1416m3), 2014

Long interested in liberating sculpture from the traditional ideas of mass and volume, Lamelas conceived of Tausendvierhundertsechzehn for Tenor and String Quartet as a way for space to assume a central role for social interaction and as a catalyst for creativity. Music is both invisible and temporal, and with 1416m3 the artist and composer sought to sonically describe their effort to fill the architectural volume of a space over a period of me (the piece being named for the dimensions of the Oberlichtsaal of Kunsthalle Basel, where it was first performed). Los Angeles-based composer Gavin Gamboa and Mexican tenor León de Castillo collaborated on this situational piece with the Lamelas for his solo exhibition, V (2014). The three come together again with a string quartet from the Bob Cole Conservatory on campus to reimagine this live experience.

Duration: 12 minutes