Formatting Resources

  • CSULB Format Manual (PDF) - The official rule book with all the formatting rules with examples of formatted pages in the appendices
  • Mini Manuscript (PDF) - A PDF with all pages formatted using the CSULB Format Manual rules.
  • Thesis Formatting Checklist - A PDF with a list of common formatting errors to check for. 
  • PowerPoints about CSULB Format Manual formatting rules - These slideshows combine the rules with examples of formatted pages plus a PowerPoint about combining Roman numeral and Arabic numeral page numbers in one document
  • Template Files - Word documents for title page, table of contents, and more set up so that you can copy and paste your information into the formatted pages
  • Departmental Style Guide Information - In addition to the CSULB Format Manual rules, students need to refer to the style guide designated by their department for citations and other formatting details. This page lists the style guides by department as well as some information about the major style guides
  • College Designees Information - On the signature page, the last person to sign a student's signature page has been designated by each department. This list is arranged by department and includes the name of that "designee" plus the title to use under that person's name on the signature page.
  • Degree Name Information - On the title page, the wording of the name of the student's degree should match the wording used by the department for the degree. The list is arranged by department and included the names of all degrees offered by each department plus any options for specialties within that degree.
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