Undergraduate Technical

BA in Theatre Arts - Option in Technical Theatre


The Bachelor of Arts Option in Technical Theatre is designed to offer the technical theatre and design student a broad curricular exposure in critical studies, and practical opportunities creating art for the theatre. Through this balanced combination of theory and practical experience, our undergraduate students have the opportunities to express what they feel about their world, and how to communicate it through their art.

Through the understanding and exploration of current cultural and artistic movements, and created with colleagues from a highly diverse student body, the BA student will have opportunities to design through the weekly Theatre Threshold productions. More advanced students will have opportunities to design main stage productions.

We have three theatres for the students to create their art. Along with fully staffed shops and state of the art automated lighting, video, and sound equipment, our technical students have access to the tools that are currently being used in the profession. In addition, our collaboration with other schools in the College of the Arts offer students training in CAD, 3D Printing, Architectural Lighting, Film and Electronic Arts, and Fine Art.

The measure of success in the program is the number of graduates who have gained entrance into prestigious graduate programs. They include NYU, Cal Arts, UCLA, etc.