BA in Theatre Arts - Option in Performance 


The Performance Major Option in the Theatre Arts Department at California State University Long Beach provides a demanding, detailed and sequential actor training regimen housed under the auspices of a Bachelor of Arts degree, one that allows students to graduate adequately prepared to enter the professional world of acting or pursue other areas of interest where performance skills are necessary. The objective of the program is to provide a serious, active and investigative survey of a variety of performance techniques and philosophies as part of a broader liberal arts degree. 

The Performance Major trains, nurtures and develops lifelong performing artists, actors who possess the power of fearless transformation, who are self-generating and self-sustaining in their work, whose work is deeply truthful, physically and imaginatively engaged, vocally strong and articulate; the aim is to develop durable and competitive creative possibilities in the artist and their human artistic impulses. Longevity starts with foundation. For actors, that foundation is best laid in demanding sequential training where the student is also given a plethora of performance opportunities in mainstage productions but also to create their own student-generated work.