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David Goyette

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David Goyette is the sound technician in the theatre department at Cal State University, Long Beach. His expertise in sound and video guides the maintenance and improvements of the current sound and video infrastructure of the theatre department.

David received his Bachelors of Music from CSULB at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music. He excelled in trombone performance and continues to play professionally. As an undergraduate, David began working in the CSULB music, theatre, and dance departments as a student assistant specializing in live sound reinforcement. David also developed skills in video filming and editing during his interim in the dance department computer lab.

David continues to use his education in sound and video to offer recording services through his company, “Goyette Sound and Video”. Given his background in the arts, David enjoys specializing in recording sound and video for stage, whether it is theatre, music, or dance.