Our Services

EAP’s college readiness and academic preparation resources are accessible online, on the CSULB campus, or at local schools.
If you would like a member of our team to visit with students and educators at your middle school or high school, please contact us.


  1. The 90 minute College Readiness Tour & Talk is an opportunity to visit the CSULB campus and learn about college readiness strategies
  2. Early Academic Preparation online resources
  3. College Readiness Workshop
  4. CSU Eligibility & Preparation

  1. CSU Academic Preparation Policy brochure (New Multiple Measures)
  2. CAASPP/SBAC Testing announcements in 11th grade English classes.
  3. ERWC Adoption and Ongoing Support
  4. MRWC Adoption and Ongoing Support

  1. ERWC Teacher Certification
  2. MRWC Teacher Certification (beginning summer 2019)