Land & Labor Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgment

  • The CSULB Land and Territorial Acknowledgment was developed by Faculty in American Indian Studies during Summer of 2020.
  • Simply stated, a land and territorial acknowledgment is a statement that recognizes the ongoing presence and relationship of the First Peoples whose land an institution occupies. For First Peoples, this recognition is protocol for visitors and guests travelling, working, or living in a community that is not their original homeland. The statement expresses an awareness about the dispossession of the Indigenous peoples of the land to make visible ongoing forms of settler-colonial privilege and dominance. While land and territorial acknowledgments are more frequently performed these days as part of institutional gatherings, such as at convocations, graduations, and conferences, the purpose and intent of these statements should also move beyond a mere repetition of words and, instead, should inaugurate actions that build or maintain relationships with First Peoples. 
  • Please review the follow document with various options to use for Land Acknowledgements.

    CSULB Land and Territorial Acknowledgment PDF

Labor Acknowledgment

  • Labor Acknowledgment was created by Stanislaus State Professor of Gender Studies Dr. Betsy Eudey. It was revised by the CSULB’s Director of the Office of Belonging and Inclusion, Joel Gutierrez and previous CSULB’s Assistant Director of the Black/Pan-African Student Cultural Resource Center, Jeremy Scruggs.

          Labor Acknowledgment PDF