CSULB Principles of Shared Community

CSULB takes pride in its tradition of maintaining civility and mutual respect toward all members of the university community. This is intrinsic to the establishment of excellence in teaching and learning. This also contributes to the maintenance of a productive workplace and an overall positive campus climate. CSULB also takes pride in the diversity of its student body and employees and affirms that this diversity enriches the work and learning environment of the campus.

CSULB affirms that members of the CSULB community have the right to live, work and learn in an environment free of discrimination. The university affirms the equal human worth of every individual and of distinctive groups of people, and fosters fair and equal treatment and access for all members of the university community. The university will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, color, creed, gender/gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, medical condition, national or ethnic origin, veteran status, or any other basis not directly related to qualification, unless specified by law. These principles are applicable in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, employment policies, and in participation in university programs and activities or any other programs administered by the university.

In addition to meeting fully its obligations of nondiscrimination under federal and state law, CSULB is committed to creating a community in which a diverse population can learn, live and work in an atmosphere of tolerance, civility and respect for the rights and sensibilities of each individual, without regard to economic status, ethnic background, political views or other personal characteristics or beliefs (CSULB Policy Statement 00-06).