The Pilipino American Coalition invites you to join them as they celebrate the academic accomplishments of all Pilipino students at CSULB.

History of Pilipino American Coalition

The Pilipino American Coalition (PAC) was formed by several Pilipino students who enrolled in Asian American Studies classes during the Fall 1971. With the guidance and help of Dr. Lloyd Inui, the head of the Asian American Studies Department at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), 7 Pilipino students from two of his classes formed PAC in 1972.

Today, PAC has become one of the largest and most influential Pilipino organizations in the state of California. Our purpose is to encourage and initiate programs that will be beneficial socially, academically, and culturally to our members and the Pilipino-American community. Pilipinos consist of one of the largest Asian groups at CSULB and with membership at an all-time high, PAC will continue to be a strong organization for years to come.