American Indian Student Services, American Indian Studies Program, and American Indian Student Council invites you to join them as they celebrate the academic accomplishments of all Native American/American Indian/Alaska Native students at CSULB.

We want to congratulate all of our graduates and wish them all the best in their endeavors as they move on to the next journey in their lives. We would also like to thank the parents, families, friends and supporters, without whom the students could not have succeeded as well as they have.

In addition, we would like to acknowledge our current Native American students as they complete another semester at CSULB.

This celebration will include a meal, recognition of the graduates, giveaways, singing by the CSULB Community Drum, and a reunion of our Native American Alumni.

California State University, Long Beach has long enjoyed the reputation of having an active Native American presence on campus and having many Native American Alumni. The University has a tradition of commitment to Native Americans which dates back to before the Fall of 1968 when several Native American students were specifically recruited to Long Beach to begin classes. Today, CSULB actively assists Native American students in achieving their academic goals and enhancing their personal, intellectual and social development.