OURS Connects Research Workshop Recordings

OURS Connects Workshop Gallery

OURS Connects is a volunteer research experience that does not require a class component. This semi-structured format is helpful for students who have busy schedules, but the lack of a class removes a community aspect that is critical to many new to research (or any field).

To provide this community aspect, the OURS Team prepares research-oriented workshops aimed at providing insight into the research process, answering frequently asked questions, and help aid in research preparedness. These Workshops are lead by our talented staff of student peer advisors and past research assistants, giving anecdotes from their past experiences in research.

Workshops are hosted live (either in-person or through zoom) and recorded for future access.

You can view our gallery of past workshops here!

This workshop (hosted by Giovanni and Daniela) we discuss some general information on Summer Research Opportunities. Learn why you should consider doing summer research, the process of applying to summer research opportunities, and where you can find these applications!

This workshop (hosted by Emily Doffing) and is focused on research conferences. Learn about why you should present at a conference, tips on presenting, and how to get started!


This workshop (Hosted By Sergio and Mitchell) covers Research Presentation. Learn why research presentation is important, what goes into research posters, how to create a good poster, and other tips for presenting!

This workshop (Hosted by Sergio and Giovanni) covers diversity as it applies to research. Learn about disparities in diversity, the need for diverse research participants, and the importance of having a diverse research team!

This workshop (Hosted by Daniela and Sergio) concerns the world of research ethics. Learn the importance of conducting ethically safe research, who unethical research can adversely affect, and past experiments that warranted the need for ethical research (such as the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment)!

This workshop (Hosted by Mitchell and Sergio) is focused on finding the career path that is right for you! Learn about what Career Planning is, the Career Planning process, and creating a Career Timeline!