CSULB's 2022 Cultural Celebrations honor graduates' unique journeys

Published May 20, 2022

Cal State Long Beach’s Cultural Graduation Celebrations, held in addition to the traditional Commencement ceremonies, have been a staple at The Beach for decades.

Some 1,500 graduates took part in the nine ceremonies, which included: American Indian, Black/Pan-African, Cambodian, Chicano/Latino, Lavender, Pacific Islander, Pilipino, Undocumented and Vietnamese. The intimate celebrations were held May 14-18.

“The Cultural Graduation Celebrations at the Beach provide an identity-based space where students are with others who understand the unique journey they took to reach this milestone,” said Pamela A. Lewis, Senior Director of Multicultural Affairs & Inclusion, who co-chaired the celebrations with Anna Nazarian-Peters, Interim Director of Student Life & Development.

The celebrations “acknowledge the hard work, commitment and sacrifices our BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ students and families have made to continue their resiliency in accomplishing their academic achievements," Nazarian-Peters said.  

The key, added Lewis, is the students “are celebrating their accomplishments with their family and friends.”

Photo Galleries


American Indian Celebration


Singers perform at the 2022 Native American Cultural Celebra

Black/Pan-African Celebration


Graduates dance at the 2022 Black and Pan African Commenceme

Cambodian Celebration


A woman in regalia poses at the 2022 Cambodian Cultural Cele

Chicano-Latino Celebration


 A crowd of graduates at the Chicano/Latino Graduation Celeb

Lavender Celebration


Grads pose in front of the Pyramid at the 2022 Lavender Cult

Lavender Celebration photos by Fabian Rubio.

Pacific Islander Celebration


A grad applauds at the  2022 Pacific Islander Cultural Comme

Pilipino Celebration


A proud graduate poses at the 2022 Pilipino Cultural Commenc

Undocumented Celebration


A woman plays a stringed instrument at the 2022 Undocumented

Vietnamese Celebration


A graduate dances at the 2022 Vietnamese Cultural Celebratio