The Beach EDGE: Expedited Degrees in Graduate Education 

Two graduate students walking during commencement with text saying " Complete your bachelor's and master's in one expediated pathway."

What is the Beach EDGE?

  • Start your master's program while an undergraduate student.
  • Complete graduate courses that double-count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Pay undergraduate tuition for graduate courses (until you meet the units needed for your bachelor's degree).
  • Avoid the Cal State Apply master's application and its fees.

Our Beach Expedited Degrees in Graduate Education (EDGE) programs merge existing baccalaureate and master's degree programs in similar disciplines into a single pathway. We will double count a specified number of units (no more than 12) in both programs so you can earn your graduate degree faster and with less cost! Across the U.S., programs like our Beach EDGE are known as 4+1 or Blended programs.

About Our Programs

CSULB offers nine unique Beach EDGE programs. To learn more about these programs and their major-specific requirements, please visit the Beach EDGE programs page

  • Beach EDGE programs are cheaper and can take a shorter amount of time than completing a bachelor’s and then applying and completing a master’s degree.
  • Up to 12 graduate-level units may double-count between the bachelor’s and master’s degree, as predetermined by the program. Programs may permit the double-counting of fewer units. See the specific Beach EDGE program for more information.
  • A Beach EDGE undergraduate student can take graduate-level courses required for the master's degree prior to completing their bachelor’s degree.
  • Beach EDGE undergraduate students shall enroll in the graduate level course of all double-numbered courses.
  • All courses applied toward the master’s degree must lead to a program GPA of at least 3.00; this includes double-counted courses.

  • Matriculated undergraduate (international or domestic) student at CSULB
  • Completed 60 units (transfer students are eligible)
  • In progress or completed 12-discipline-specific upper-division units at CSULB (see program requirements if must have completed or just enrolled)
  • Met major-specific requirements
  • Has a minimum 2.50 GPA (see program requirements if a higher GPA is needed)
  • Met other program-specified requirements (see program website)

  • Interested CSULB matriculated undergraduate students who meet the above minimum criteria apply directly to their Beach EDGE program.
  • Please contact the graduate advisor to learn more about the process, deadlines, and other requirements.


  • Beach EDGE students pay undergraduate tuition when classified as an undergraduate student. 
  • Beach EDGE students pay graduate tuition upon satisfying the requirements for the bachelor’s degree and being classified as a graduate student. 
  • If applicable, Beach EDGE students pay the higher graduate professional degree ("MBA Fee") fee only when classified as a graduate student.
    * Undergraduates transition to graduate status the semester after completing 120 units (incl. double-counted) applicable to their bachelor's degree in their Beach EDGE program. 

  • Short answer, YES!
  • Beach EDGE students must annually submit the FAFSA or CADAA with the correct student status listed (i.e., undergraduate or graduate student) to receive financial aid.  
  • Beach EDGE students will have different funding allowances when classified as a graduate student vs. as an undergraduate student
  • Beach EDGE students who transition from undergraduate to graduate status should contact the Financial Aid Office to see if adjustment paperwork is appropriate and allowable.

  • Beach EDGE students must separately apply to graduate for each degree when eligible:
  • Beach EDGE students are awarded the bachelor’s degree upon satisfactory completion of bachelor’s degree requirements (includes double-counted courses).
  • Beach EDGE students are evaluated for Latin honors for their bachelor's degrees based on the first 120 units (i.e., undergraduate degree objective), regardless of graduate courses prior to graduate status.
  • Beach EDGE students must apply to graduate for master’s degree when eligible. 
    • Beach EDGE students are awarded the master’s degree upon satisfactory completion of the master’s degree requirements (includes double-counted courses).