Three graduate students taking a photo in commencement regalia in front of the pyramid with text saying " Complete your bachelor's and master's in one expediated pathway."

  1. CIE will issue a change of educational level (i.e., I-20 status) for visa purposes when an F-1 student in a Beach EDGE Program satisfactorily completes the requirements for the bachelor’s degree and is classified as a graduate student. This change will shift the minimum unit requirement for undergraduate student status (12 units) to that for graduate student status (7 units).
  2. International Beach EDGE students in the F-1 permitted post-OPT for up to 12 months (or 24 months in STEM OPT) per degree level will have their OPT eligibility cancelled upon the date of their change in educational level to graduate student status, as indicated on the I-20. This will remain in effect until they complete the graduate program.

  • They will be withdrawn from the Beach EDGE Program.
  • No refund of previous graduate fees paid will be given.
  • Students complete their bachelor’s degree requirements will receive their bachelor’s degree.

  • They must formally apply via Cal State Apply for graduate admission.
  • With approval of the program, they may count graduate courses completed while a Beach EDGE student towards master’s degree, but
    • Courses cannot exceed 7 years since completion or
    • The post-7-year courses must have been approved for validation by both program and Graduate Studies Dean or designee.

  • The Beach EDGE student is withdrawn from the Beach EDGE Program.
  • Double-counting of courses may no longer be applicable.

  • The student must reapply to the program based on their student status at the time they ceased enrollment. If they ceased enrollment in undergraduate student status, then they must apply to the bachelor’s program and reapply to the Beach EDGE Program; if they ceased enrollment in graduate student status, then they must apply to the master’s program via Cal State Apply.
  • Beach EDGE students should consider taking educational leaves rather than ceasing enrollment.

They can apply to the master’s program during its traditional admissions cycle via Cal State Apply.