Note: The GradMentor program is on hiatus for Summer 2024 but will be back in Fall 2024 (visit this page for updates at the start of the Fall '24 semester). 

The CSULB GradMentor program supports incoming graduate students ("mentees") with transitioning into graduate studies and developing a sense of belonging within the campus community. Throughout the academic year, graduate student mentors support mentees by helping them identify resources and support services while acclimating to graduate life.

Mentees are paired with someone invested in their success — a person ready to listen, inspire, help navigate challenges, and recognize opportunities. Mentees will gain career advice and learn what to expect in graduate school and how to approach challenges. At the same time, mentors will build their networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders. Through one-on-one virtual meetings and remote interactions, the GradMentor program encourages mentors and mentees to build connections and remain engaged throughout the academic year.


The GradMentor program enhances the student experience by linking graduate students one-on-one with a peer mentor.

Graduate student mentees are carefully paired with mentors who will offer guidance and resources to help mentees develop a sense of belonging in graduate school and acclimate to graduate studies during a time that can be both isolating and full of challenges. Mentors will assist mentees in navigating the many adjustments that students often face when starting their graduate journey. 

Areas of support include:

  • Accessing CSULB support services
  • Finding meaningful social outlets
  • Managing time as a graduate student
  • Learning in virtual spaces
  • Navigating the path to career
  • Maximizing the graduate studies experience to help mentees develop both academically and socially

What do mentors and mentees discuss?

  • Meeting new people and making lifelong connections
  • Getting involved on campus 
  • Adjusting to graduate-level academic expectations
  • Developing a plan for academic, social, and career success
  • Balancing the demands of graduate school with personal responsibilities and socializing
  • Developing and cultivating professional contacts

Your mentor will:

  • Help guide you in your transition to graduate school by listening and pointing you towards resources
  • Have likely faced similar challenges
  • Text or meet by video chat with you on a regular basis
  • Support you in finding ways to immerse yourself in new experiences at CSULB
  • Encourage you to set goals
  • Support you in discovering your academic and career path

How does GradMentor work?

  • Tell us about yourself in a matching survey (5 min)
  • "Meet" your mentor (1-2 weeks after submitting your survey)
  • Connect with your mentor 1-2 times per month throughout the academic year (no more than two hours per month) over text, videochat, phone, email, or social media

  • All incoming CSULB graduate students (master's, credential, graduate certificate, doctoral) are encouraged to participate as grad mentees
  • All continuing CSULB graduate students (master's, credential, graduate certificate, doctoral) students are encouraged to apply to serve as grad mentors.

Both grad mentees and grad mentors have the opportunity to complete a "best-match" survey that allows participants to be paired with fellow students who have similar interests and backgrounds. To learn more about becoming a graduate mentee, visit the mentee link below.  


Participate in the GradMentor Program