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Graduate Research Conference

The Graduate Research Conference at CSULB provides a forum for graduate students (master’s, credential, certificate, and doctoral) to showcase their scholarly work and their promise as future innovators, researchers, and academics. This cross-disciplinary event allows CSULB graduate students from all fields of study to present their research and network with members of the entire community. The 4th annual Graduate Research Conference took place on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 in the University Student Union (USU) ballrooms.

Photo of Dr. Rashida CrutchfieldThe conference featured keynote speaker: Rashida Crutchfield, MSW, EdD. Dr. Crutchfield's keynote address, "Leading the charge for social change with research: An exploration of basic needs insecurity in higher education" offered a definitional framework to understand basic need insecurity in higher education and provided an overview of research conducted in the CSU on food and housing insecurity for our students.

Presentation FormatsGraduate Research Conference Collage

Three presentation formats are available to coincide with the different stages of student research.

  • Roundtable discussions are available for students whose research projects are in the Early Stage.
  • 10-minute oral presentations are available for students whose research is in the Advanced Stage.
  • Poster sessions are available for students whose research is in the Advanced Stage.