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Department Directory

Please note that the campus buildings are restricted or closed due to COVID-19; faculty and staff will not be available in the listed physical location until further notice. All faculty and staff can still be contacted via email.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Name Position Contact Details Research Interests
Behl, Rick Department Chair;
Interim Undergraduate Advisor;

P: 562.985.5850
O: HSCI-322
sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleoceanography, earth systems science
Abbey, Alyssa Assistant Professor E:
O: HSCI-302
tectonics, crustal deformation, surface processes, thermochronology
Balbas, Andrea Assistant Professor E:
P: 562.985.7553
O: HSCI-318
geochronology, paleomagnetism, stratigraphy
Becker, Matt Professor;
Conrey Endowed Chair in Hydrogeology
P: 562.985.8983
O: HSCI-304
hydrogeology, hydrology, geothermal reservoirs
Finney, Stan Professor E:
P: 562.985.8637
O: HSCI-300
paleontology, stratigraphy, paleogeography
Francis, Dan Professor Emeritus E: marine geology, petroleum geology, petrology, organic geochemistry
Hagedorn, Benjamin Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.4198
O: HSCI-310
environmental geochemistry
Holk, Greg Graduate Advisor;
P: 562.985.5006
O: HSCI-316
isotope geochemistry, economic geology, igneous-metamorphic petrology
Kelty, Tom Associate Professor E:
P: 562.985.4589
O: HSCI-314
structural geology, tectonics, science education
Onderdonk, Nate Professor (on sabbatical) E:
P: 562.985.4817
O: HSCI-306
tectonics, geomorphology
Stevens, Lora Professor E:
P: 562.985.4817
O: HSCI-306
paleoclimatology, paleolimnology, isotope geochemistry


Name Position Contact Details
Fair, Charles Lecturer
Hill, Pam Lecturer
Weaver, Carla Lecturer E:
P: 562.985.2250
O: HSCI-312


Name Position Contact Details
Costello, Margaret Administrative Support Coordinator E:
P: 562.985.4809
O: HSCI-322


Name Position Contact Details
Tucker, Karla Curator of the Los Angeles Basin Subsurface Data Center E:
P: 562.985.4928
O: HSCI-377