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Remote Approvals with Accounts Payable

New Invoices from Vendors  

Instruct all Vendors to send new invoices electronically.

LBCMP and LB49R invoices to

LBFDN invoices to

Subject Line of Email – Vendor Name – Invoice # - PO #

Note:  Do not use this email for approved invoices.

Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Payable technicians working remotely will begin routing invoices for approval by sending to the designated Department or staff/PI’s CSULB email address.

Department Processing

Departments will complete a two-step review and approval process.

  • Requester reviews expense and provides acknowledgement of receipt, PO number, chartfields (as applicable). 
  • Requester forwards email to Approver who reviews the PO number and/or chartfields and replies “Approved” (or edits information as needed).  
  • Approver forwards email to the appropriate Accounts Payable email box

Approved Invoices

Approved invoices should be routed back to the Accounts Payable department. If unique forms, Hospitality or Gift, are required they should be attached in the same email.  

LBCMP and LB49R invoices to

LBFDN Grant invoices to

LBFDN Non-Grant invoices to

Subject Line of Email – Business Unit – Vendor Name – Invoice # - PO # or Dept Ref #

  • Example PO - LBCMP – Dell Computer – Inv 123456 – PO 55555
  • Example Direct Payment - LB49R – Forty-Niner Shops – Inv RC-123 – Dept Ref 214-031
  • Example Grants - LBFDN – Fischer – Inv 8745698 – PO 800685 – G2576

The Department should keep any original documents – Do not send originals to AP if approved invoice is being submitted electronically.

Travel Claims

Send scanned copy of completed Travel Claim to the The two-step approval process as outlined above can be used for Traveler and Approver signatures.

Subject Line of Email - Business Unit – Traveler Name – Dept Ref # – Destination

Example Travel - LBCMP – John Smith – 300-002 – Chicago, IL