CFS Fluid Interface Overview

Published April 7, 2020

The Chancellor's Office is implementing a CFS Fluid Interface - Phase 2 beginning 4/27/20 which focuses on improving navigation through CFS PeopleSoft.


  1. New mobile user interface so users can navigate through CFS using a phone or tablet in addition to the browser method.
  2. Delivered CFS 9.2 Home Page with tiles provide quick access to the most commonly used CFS locations and a link to Data Warehouse (DWH).
    • The delivered page is not customizable but users have up to four (4) additional customizable home pages.
    • Delivered tiles may be copied to Customizable Home Pages.
    • The application is now branded for the California State University system.


Go Live' with CFS 9.2 Fluid Interface (scheduled for 4/27/2020)