Photo and Film at the Garden


No Charge Photography in the Garden: The Garden allows guests to take photographs at no charge during open business hours, but no equipment (tripods, reflectors, selfie sticks) can be used and all parties must stay on the designated paths. No costumes, bridal dresses, gowns or traditional dressings of a country or culture are allowed in the Garden. While we respect the traditions of our guests, we do not want to detract from the experience for other guests. You will be asked to stop and/or leave if our staff deems your activity distracting for public hours during your visit.

If you would like private time in the Garden, you must purchase a photo permit. Email to find out more

Guests that purchase a permit:

  • Provide a photographer
  • Can wear any clothing of choice 
  • Use equipment and for set up on space other than the designated paths
  • Receive 2 complementary parking permits for Garden adjacent lots


Garden Fee for 2-hour event:

Weekends $600

Weekdays $400

Additional hours $200

Additional Parking $15/car *or rate set by CSULB



Filming for 4 hours $7,000

Additional hours $1,000

Parking $15/car, up to $650  *or current rate set by CSULB


Other filming fees may include:


Fire Marshal

Film Permit

Catering Truck

Leasing Preparation

Leasing Coordination

Custom Signs

Staffed Police Officer

* The above fees are determined by the University and will be outlined at the time of inquiry.

Permits are scheduled based on Garden availability and student rates differ from above.

Optional Fees

PA System $400

Koi Food $100


Nonrefundable Garden fee is required at time of booking.


No pyrotechnics are allowed.

There is only one restroom on site. If additional restrooms are needed, it will be up to the user to arrange a rental.

No loud noise is allowed between 10pm and 7am.

Other restrictions may apply and will be outlined in detail at time of booking.


If you would like to discuss available dates or take a tour, please email

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