1960 - 1969


The 60s

10th Anniversary 

Long Beach State College celebrates its 10th Anniversary at Homecoming 1960 with a parade down Ocean Blvd. In its ten years of existence, the school has grown from 169 students to around 10,000 at the start of the decade.

New Buildings Open Their Doors 

The Industrial Arts Building on lower campus is completed in time for Fall classes, 1961


the new industrial arts building

The Engineering Building opens in 1962.


the new Engineering building

The Physical Education Building, completed in 1966, takes inspiration from the ancient Greek principle that both a healthy mind a healthy body are requisites for complete intellectual development.

Parking Woes 

By 1963, LBSC offers 3,929 parking spots, which provide to be invaluable and hard to come by as the student population keeps growing. The fee for a parking spot is $12 per semester. 


Student looks over the parking landscape

A Second Renaming

Long Beach State College is renamed to California State College at Long Beach in 1964

CSCLB Adopts New Seal

Three new symbols are added to our traditions in 1965: the sun and the sea, a book denoting scholarship, and a pick and shovel representing the college's 49er theme.


CSCLB's new seal, 1965

The Birth of Kwanzaa

Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor and chairman of Black Studies, creates the African-American holiday Kwanzaa in 1966. Kwanzaa is an African American and pan-African seven-day cultural festival celebrating family, community, and culture. 

Enrollment Doubles

From just under 10,000 students at the start of the decade, enrollment more than doubles to21,000 by 1968.

First Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) in the CSU system

Dr. Joseph White, the college's second African-American professor, acquires funding from the Dean of Students, along with 75 special admission slots, to outreach to minority students in 1967, creating the first EOP in the California State College system. Dr. White becomes its first EOP director. 


Dr, Joseph White

Dr. Joseph White

Largest Campus in the California State College system 

Enrolling over 22,000 students by 1968 makes CSCLB the largest campus in the California State College system.


registration day at CSCLB

Student Demonstrations and Protests

Students gather to protest the Vietnam War and the draft, along with newly arising social issues and injustices. Students ask for classes relevant to an increasingly diverse student body.


students protesting the Vietnam war, 1968

A Third Renaming

The college's name is shortened and stylized as California State College, Long Beach in 1968.

Growing Alumni Base

By 1969, CSCLB tallies 32,244 graduates, when retiring PresidentCarl W. McIntosh confers degrees to his 10th and final graduating class.


Hundreds of students graduate as the class of 1969.