The 70s

Pow Wow Tradition Begins

An American Indian celebration, the first Pow Wow at CSCLB in 1970 gathers tribes from across the nation to celebrate first nations and display the university's growing American Indian presence.  


ow Wow dANCE

Student Union, Psychology Building Added to Campus

Construction clamor abounds on campus as the Student Union and the Psychology Building are completed.  The buildings are finished by November 1970.


Construction on the new Psychology Building, 1970

Psychology Building, in construction

Students Protest and March for Peace

CSCLB students march on the Long Beach draft board in protest of the Vietnam War.


Students march for peace on the streets in protest of the Vi

Protesting the Mascot

Students demonstrate their objection to the image of a prospector on tribal land. On campus, students begin to demand classes that reflect the increasing diversity of the student body. 

Largest Band on West Coast

CSCLB boasts the largest band on West Coast in 1970 as the Forty-Niner Marching Band performs before a national TV audience during the New York Jets - San Diego Chargers game.


the Forty-Niner Marching Band performs live for television o

New President at CSCLB

Dr. John Stephen "Steve" Horn becomes the third president of California State College, Long Beach in Fall 1970.  


President Horn at work

Raising Disability Awareness on Campus 

Students from the Handicapped Student Association have President Horn and his Physical Planners traverse the campus in a wheelchair for a day in 1971. 

Fourth Renaming

For the fourth time, in 1972 the university is renamed to its current official name: California State University, Long Beach.

CSULB Pilot Program for Disabled Student Services 

In 1973, California State University, Long Beach is given the pilot program for establishing Disabled Student Services (DSS), the first of its kind in the entire California State University system.  


CSULB Disabled services post in the newspaper

Student Union Opens

The new student-owned, student-run union becomes the place to meet upon its completion in the 1976-77 academic year. 


the new student union

Riding the Little Toot Toot to Class

Students get to ride on the boat-looking shuttle bus to and from classes and study hall.


students ride the Toot Toot to class

CSULB Dominates 1976 Olympic Games

Sixteen participants in the 1976 Olympic Games hail from CSULB, more than any other American university.

Women's Resource Center Established

Rosemary Taylor and Linda Shaw meet with a group known as the Friends of the University Women's Center to minimize the campus disparity for women support services. In 1977, an official University Women's Center (UWC) is created. Throughout the years, the UWC goes through a number of changes and is eventually renamed the Women's Resource Center.

CSULB makes Guinness Book of World Records

The university sets a 1978 world record with the largest submarine sandwich on record.


the longest submarine sandwich on record


a man takes a large bite from the longest submarine sandwich

First Adult Learning Disabilities Program in the West

Disabled Student Services (DSS) establishes the Adult Learning Disabilities Program at Long Beach in 1979, the first of its kind on the West Coast. 


CSULB disability services,