1960 - 1965


The 60s

by Fall 1960. The faculty number grows to 391 full-time faculty members, with 60% of them holding doctorate degrees.




From a slate of five sports in 1951, LBSC's athletic program expands to a dozen varsity teams by 1960, which include football, water polo, cross country, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, crew, baseball, golf, tennis, swimming, and track. Graduate student, part-time instructor and distance runner Bob Soth goes to Rome as a member of the 1960 U.S. Olympic Team. 



Architect Ed Killingsworth and his firm draw up a 1963 master plan of the campus -- calling for a unified look to make the campus more friendly for pedestrians. The architects suggest that instead of building a huge student union atop the college's hill, they build a three-level structure set into the hillside. The firm also design the two-story dorms to blend with the rest of the college and the residential neighborhood. 

Killingsworth and President Carl McIntsoh champion a plan for tree planting across the campus. Aesthetically pleasing, the added trees are to help in softening the large buildings already present on campus. 


Peach trees at CSULB, 1967