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CKEditor 5 Upgrade

Welcome to Drupal 10.2.3! The Drupal core upgrade comes with the new CKEditor 5. The new version of CKEditor has come with many improvements to the performance and functionality of the WYSIWYG editor. However, this also brings changes to the toolbar options and the look and feel of the editor. You may also find that some features from CKEditor 4 are missing, which will hopefully be brought back as soon as they are ready. So, let’s dive into what this means in terms of Drupal module and the…
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Website Graphics

Useful information on how to format and manage graphics on our website. A deeper look at common graphics sizes, aspect ratio, file formats.

Add a new Sub-Unit

The User needs to be assigned “Group Admin” permissions at the root level to have permissions to create Sub-Unit. Steps : After signing into the Drupal Content Management System: Go to Manage -> Groups -> List Image Click Add group/Add Sub-Unit Fill in the forms Title*: Group Header Title: Group Home Page: We will be updating this later. Parent Unit: Select the parent Unit for the field…