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Website Graphics

Useful information on how to format and manage graphics on our website. A deeper look at common graphics sizes, aspect ratio, file formats.

Add a new Sub-Unit

The User needs to be assigned “Group Admin” permissions at the root level to have permissions to create Sub-Unit. Steps : After signing into the Drupal Content Management System: Go to Manage -> Groups -> List Image Click Add group/Add Sub-Unit Fill in the forms Title*: Group Header Title: Group Home Page: We will be updating this later. Parent Unit: Select the parent Unit for the field. Image…
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Add/Edit Slides on Homepage

In Drupal 9, you can add multiple slides on the unit/group homepage instead of a banner. Steps to edit existing slide: Navigate to your website homepage (This is the group landing page) Click on nodes link on the bottom of your landing page to go your group nodes page – csulb.edu/group/xx/nodes. Filter using content type as slides. If you don't see the slide you wish to edit, please raise a ticket with ITS Web team. If you find the slide in the…
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Linking to a PDF File