Approved GWAR Portfolio Courses and WI (Writing Intensive) Courses

GWAR Pathways

GWAR Pathways
Score Pathway
GPE Score of 7 or lower ENGL 301A  (C or better) + GWAR Portfolio Course + Writing Intensive (WI) Course*
GPE Score of 8, 9 or 10 GWAR Porfolio Course + Writing Intensive (WI) Course
GPE Score of 11 or higher or GPE Waiver** Writing Intensive (WI) Course

*Writing Intensive (WI) Course required for CSULB students admitted Fall 2016 or later (Undergraduates only)

** GPE Waiver applicable only to eligible students due to Covid 19 restrictions

About the GWAR

Students who receive a GPE score of 11 or higher, or a GPE Waiver, are eligible to take the required Writing Intensive (WI) course. Writing Intensive course is only applicable to Undergraduate students.

Students who receive a score of 8, 9 or 10 must successfully complete one of the GWAR portfolio courses listed below and submit a passing portfolio in addition to the Writing Intensive (WI) course. 

Students who receive 7 or lower must complete ENGL 301A with a grade of C or better before enrolling in a GWAR portfolio course and submitting a passing portfolio. Once students pass the GWAR portfolio course they are eligible to take a required Writing Intensive (WI) course (List of WI courses). Please note, ENGL 301A is typically offered during Fall and Spring semester sessions only.

Information about eligibility requirements and prerequisites is listed above each course description.  After the completion of the GPE, students can view their GWAR requirement and course options by selecting the Academic Requirements option from the drop-down menu on their MyCSULB homepage.


Fall 2022 Schedule of Classes

List of Approved GWAR Portfolio Courses: