University Template

Template For On-Campus Websites

This template was built in full compliance with required accessibility standards and shares the styling and organization of pages in CSULB's University Drupal environment, providing a cohesive look and identity in an accessible and responsive environment.

This template is not meant to be a replacement or alternative to the Drupal environment, but is provided as an in-between step for sites that aren’t yet ready for migration or sites that have features not currently supported in the Drupal environment (i.e. e-commerce platforms, specific apps, etc.)

University Template mockups

Highlights & Features


The University Template provides a responsive design and layout, which includes the university word mark, global navigation menu system and a footer. It also contains typography and university colors consistent with the university Drupal pages to support visual cohesion.

For more information on the use of university marks, colors and other University branding requirements, please visit Brand Central.


  • Supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
  • Based on Bootstrap UI framework
  • University global menu & search
  • Horizontal and local navigation 
  • University footer 
  • University analytics (embedded)