Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. However, you do need to demonstrate a sincere interest in attending college-meaning that you must have a GPA between 2.00 - 3.5 and are trying to improve.

You need to be either low-income or the first in your family to graduate from college.

During the school year, Upward Bound students participate in a number of activities, including Saturday tutorials, northern and southern California college tours, academic and cultural workshops, and athletic activities.

During the summer, a six-week residential program is available for students. This program provides students the opportunity to live in the CSULB residential halls, take English, math and science courses, attend weekly field trips and earn 10 university elective credits.

The cost absolutely free.

You may fill out the online Prescreening Questionnaire or visit the career center at your high school and request a Prescreening Questionnaire from the Upward Bound liaison. An Upward Bound representative visits schools once a week and will gladly help you complete it.

(Financial information includes tax statements, AFDC receipts, unemployment information, Social Security information, etc.) Upward Bound is a federally-funded program that requires proof of eligibility, which is the reason that these documents are requested. Personal information to prove eligibility is not forwarded or shared with others. All information is completely confidential.

Absolutely. Over 90% of Upward Bound students are admitted to college upon their high school graduation.

Yes, Upward Bound sees college preparation as a joint partnership with parents and the schools.

Absolutely. Staff is available to provide academic advisement, career counseling, personal counseling and to make referrals for both students and parents.