Membership Roster

Committee Members 2022-2023


  • Anthony Regina
  • Diamond Byrd
  • Fatima Zeferino
  • Isaac Julian
  • Jeremy Ramos
  • Mitali Jain
  • Teresa Falcon

Faculty And Staff

  • Marianne Hata, Assistant Vice President, Academic Resources
  • Milton Ordonez, Associate Vice President, Financial Management
  • Norbert Schurer, Academic Senate Rep
  • Praveen Soni, URC Chair
  • Rico Ovales, Staff Council Rep


  • Beth Lesen, Vice President, Student Affairs

Staff to the Committee (Non-Voting)

  • Anthony Saucedo, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Student Affairs

  • Suzie Payne, Director, Student Financial Services

  • Veronica Hernandez, Financial Operations Analyst, Student Financial Services