The Cambodian Student Society invites you to join them as they celebrate the academic accomplishments of all Cambodian students at CSULB.

The History

During the 1960s, CSULB hosted more than 100 Cambodian exchange students who participated in a USAID program to learn industrial skills. Among them was San Ramjek who came to Long Beach State as a student in 1962. San explained that the first Cambodian Student Association was organized at CSULB in 1959.

In December 1975, it was incorporated as a non-profit organization and renamed the Cambodian Association of America (C.A.A.), now known as Cambodian Student Society (CSS).

The Present

With the help of CSULB professors and CSS faculty advisors, Dr. Teri Yamada, Dr. Leakhena Nou, Dr. Allan Taing, and Professor Darith Ung, CSS has been very successful in providing services to fellow students and the community as a whole. Every year, during the Cambodian New Year, CSS takes great efforts to proudly organize and host a cultural show for the community in order to promote friendship, understanding, and awareness of the Khmer culture today.

To recognize all the Cambodian graduates of CSULB, CSS hosts an annual graduation celebration to recognize their achievements in completing their degrees.