Advancement of Women Awards

PCSW is accepting nominations for the Advancement of Women Award

Nominations will be accepted until April 8, 2024

The Advancement of Women Award honors individuals for their work on behalf of women. Each year, PCSW recognizes a student, a lecturer, a tenured/tenure-track faculty member, a staff member, and an administrator for their demonstrated commitment to the advancement of women and women-identifying individuals.

The nominee's contributions can be in one or more of the following areas: advising/mentoring, campus service, community service, and/or scholarly and creative achievements. Contributions that were made in other areas will also be considered.

To nominate someone, please fill out this form, which asks for basic information about the Nominee and yourself and upload the following application materials when/where prompted:

  • Nomination Letter (1-2 pages)- This should highlight the Nominee's significant activities and achievements relevant to the award. 
  • Significant Activities and Achievements List (1-2 pages)- This should simply list out activities and achievements directly related to the award, including those highlighted in the letter of nomination.


PCSW Advancement of Women Award

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Please contact with any inquiries about the application process.

Past Recipients


  • Student: Diana Than
  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track): Azza Basarudin
  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track): Niloofar Bavarian
  • Faculty (Lecturer): Asieh Jalali-Farahani

  • Student: Ashley Hawkins
  • Student: Brooke Vaughn
  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track): Claudia Maria Lopez
  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track): Kathryn J. Perkins
  • Staff: Carol Menard

  • Student: Maythe Alderete Gonzales
  • Student: Liliana Mora
  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track): Sabrina Alimahomed-Wilson
  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track): Emily Berquist Soule
  • Staff: Terri Armstrong

  • Faculty (Lecturer): Venette Campbell
  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track): Helen Hood Scheer
  • Staff: Mitra Baghdadi

  • Community Organization: American Association of University Women (AAUW)
    • Shelley Arnold & Campus Partner: Pam Rayburn

  • Faculty (Lecturer): Natalia Gatdula
  • Staff: Pam Rayburn
  • Student: Genesis Jara

  • Faculty (tenure/tenure-track): Shelley Eriksen
  • Faculty: Denise Cucurny
  • Student: Marissa Mayeda
  • Community Organization: Soroptimist International of Long Beach -
    • Lynn Hermstad & Campus Partner: Jackie Wetteland

  • Faculty (tenure/tenure-track): Sophia Pandya
  • Faculty: Rosie Kar
  • Staff: Pamela Lewis
  • Student: Leah Sakacs

  • Faculty: Raven Pfister
  • Staff: Lindsay San Migel
  • Student: Benigna Hernandez
  • Community Organization: YMCA of Greater Los Angeles - Alva Moreno
    • & Campus Partners: Pamela Rayburn & Jeane Caveness

  • Faculty (tenure/tenure-track): Lori Baralt
  • Faculty: Nina Flores
  • Administrator: Terie Bostic Basile
  • Student: Amber Melvin

  • Student: Daisy Cisneros

  • Faculty: Panadda Marayong
  • Student: Sandra Reed

  • Faculty: Shira Tarrant
  • Staff: Alisha Herrick
  • Student: Roxanna Gracia
  • Community Organization: Girls Incorporated of Orange County -
    • Amanda McMahon
    • & Faculty Collaborators: Courtney Ahrens & Mary Caputi

  • Faculty: Lauren Rauscher
  • Student: Jenna Sutherlin
  • Special Recognition: Chuwee Kwon, Claudia McCain

  • Faculty: Dr. Claire Martin
  • Staff: Vivian Barrera
  • Special Recognition: Women's Studies Student Association

  • Faculty: Dr. Julie Van Camp
  • Staff: Pamela Jesse

  • Faculty: Courtney Ahrens
  • Staff: Coleen Followell
  • Student: Catherine Ricohermoso
  • Special Recognition: Dee Abrahamse

  • Faculty: Dr. Sharon Guthrie
  • Staff: Kim Hinckson
  • Student: Zion Redie
  • Administrator: Dr. Sandra Cynar

  • Faculty: Dr. Eve Oishi
  • Staff: Stacie Bauerle
  • Student: Lauren Leahy
  • Administrator: Dr. Dixie Grimmett
  • Special Recognition: President Maxson

  • Faculty: Rosa Moreno-Alcaraz
  • Staff: Lily Gossage
  • Student: Monique Comminey
  • Administrator: Jean Houck

  • Faculty: Patricia Rozee
  • Staff: Lynne Coenen, Bonnie Myers
  • Student: Cecile Basila