Student Affairs

Student Affairs



Cal State Long Beach has a responsibility to seek out new and better ways to recruit and retain individuals with collegiate promise who face physical, educational, financial, cultural or personal barriers to success.

Student Affairs seeks to leverage CSULB’s decades-long history of supporting students in challenging circumstances and to capitalize on an institutional mindset and infrastructure built around the belief that universities can and should do everything possible to support students, from the moment they are admitted to the moment they stride across the Commencement platform to receive their diplomas.

Opportunities for Investment


Integrated Health & Wellness

Support students in overcoming personal challenges and manage the stress associated with identifying and accomplishing academic, career and life goals. Using a holistic model, help students develop resilience by ensuring their safety, by promoting healthy habits, and by empowering them with effective strategies to address a variety of issues.

Basic Needs

Meet the growing demand for support services for students who increasingly face housing and food insecurities. Expand our innovative campus wide program with targeted services that provide discreet support to students in need so that housing and food issues do not become obstacles to their academic success.

Advancing First-Generation Student Success

Eliminate barriers to success for first-generation students — who now make up more than half of the student body — by providing critical resources and targeted support to ensure personal success, strengthen the larger community and create a more diverse workforce.


Make an Impact


Additional investment opportunities are available. Please inquire.



David Román, MSW, CFRE, ‘05 ‘14, Director of Development
Division of Student Affairs
1250 Bellflower Boulevard, BH-270
Long Beach, CA 90840

Naming Opportunities Minimum Investment
Integrated Health & Wellness Center $ 10,000,000
Basic Needs Program $ 1,500,000
ASI Beach Pantry Endowment Fund $ 1,000,000
Career Development Center Endowment Fund $ 1,000,000
Various Cultural and Pride Resource Centers $ 500,000
ASI Grow Beach Community Garden Endowment Fund $ 500,000
Endowed Affordable Housing Fund $ 500,000
Study Abroad Endowment Fund $ 250,000
Endowed Experiential Learning Opportunities Fund $ 250,000
Endowed Integrated Health & Wellness Fund $ 250,000
No Barriers Fund: Inclusion & Access Programs $ 100,000
Emergency On-Campus Housing Fund $ 100,000
Adaptive Technology Fund $ 75,000
Digital Divide Fund $ 75,000
First-Generation Student Success Fund $ 50,000
Autism Summer Bridge Program $ 50,000
Endowed Student Success Scholarships $ 50,000
Student Peer Wellness Fund $ 50,000
Disabled Students Job Readiness Program  $ 25,000
Endowed Student Success Awards $ 25,000
Named Annual Speaker Series $ 25,000


There are no barriers to what our students can dream