Create a national model for student achievement, empowerment and equity.

The Beach empowers students to build lives of purpose on the path of their choosing.

Those who enroll here should be free to devote singular focus on their education. They should be uplifted and affirmed, with a sense of well-being and a sense of belonging. We have a responsibility to ensure that all who come here are supported from Day One through graduation, regardless of their background.

With your partnership, we can build and disseminate a comprehensive, replicable model for eliminating fundamental threats to student progress as we enhance support services and strengthen cocurricular programs.

There are no barriers to what our students can dream

Together We Will...

Expand undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, summer research stipends and other forms of financial assistance so that every student who joins The Beach will be unencumbered financially from crossing the finish line

• • •

Further develop programs and best practices for those facing hunger or homelessness, managing physical and learning challenges, confronting medical and mental health crises, or emerging from weak social support structures, such as students exiting the foster care system

• • •

Expand internships and study away/study abroad programs across multiple colleges to enhance our ability to offer all students high-impact experiential learning

• • •

Amplify and strengthen our University Honors Program to better welcome those who may have been historically precluded from the opportunity by the usual cost of such experiences, but who possess an extraordinary spirit of innovation and creativity

• • •

Revitalize our outdoor spaces and refresh our learning environments so students are further inspired by a vibrant campus and feel welcome in their surroundings, in and out of the classroom

• • •

Cement our position as a conference-championship powerhouse in Beach Athletics through additional scholarships, enhanced recruiting efforts, facilities improvements and a new center to best support the performance and health of student-athletes while also enriching opportunities for students studying nutrition and health sciences

• • •


Guardian Scholars

LEADS supports Beach students facing critical needs

The endowment, established by Beach supporter Louise Shakarian-Ukleja, is a wide-ranging investment that fuels a comprehensive approach to student wellness and empowerment, funding programs and services that include Guardian Scholars, Mental Health and Wellness, Autism Services-LIFE Project and Bob Murphy Access Center. 

Student athletes

Optimizing student-athlete's performance through nutrition

Performance Eats @ The Beach is a proposed 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art nutrition and events center that will bring together the academic disciplines of nutrition, dietetics, food science and hospitality management in a research and education enterprise that establishes a meal plan for Long Beach State athletes.

University Honors

Redefining the Honors experience

At Cal State Long Beach, the picture of an honors student differs slightly from other universities. Mixed among the University Honors Program’s high achievers with loaded resumes are students who managed to earn a 4.0 GPA or better while working to support their families or caring for siblings and could not participate in extracurricular activities.