College of Liberal Arts

college of liberal arts



The largest of CSULB’s colleges, the College of Liberal Arts is the heart of the university, serving most Beach students at some point during their academic careers.

By fostering unique learning experiences within and beyond the classroom and promoting intellectual achievement that enhances the public good, the college empowers students to build lives of purpose across a wide range of disciplines. Emphasizing the development of strong, data-driven research, communication and critical thinking skills, a College of Liberal Arts education expands opportunities and opens up countless career paths for graduates to help create a better world.

Opportunities for Investment 

College of Liberal Arts Internship Program

Endow the College of Liberal Arts Internship Program to provide practical training for the largest cohort of students at the university. Pairing individual students with relevant job training in their chosen fields will give them the opportunity to earn class credit while meeting a graduate requirement for many disciplines.

Center for Economic Research

Endow a new center to support economic research provided by faculty to the City of Long Beach as well as to private entities. Provide opportunities for students to not only participate in practical research but to also develop ties to public and private industries that create job opportunities.

Field School and Study Abroad

Provide students with real-world experiences abroad through field work for anthropology students and other international internships. Expanded support of these programs will make them more accessible to our diverse student body.

Global Studies Institute

Support the expansion of the Global Studies Institute by providing funding for faculty to organize efforts that cultivate global thinking and action on and off campus. The Institute supports international internships, brings diplomats and ambassadors to campus for visiting fellowships, hosts an annual lecture focusing on international and humanitarian issues, and cultivates virtual partnerships between CSULB students and international students around the world.

Center for Social Justice

Endow a new center that engages in social justice research and community action. This center will provide resources for faculty and students to conduct and publish research related to issues such as health disparities and equity in education and public policy, furnish solutions for regional and state governments, and work to create a more just and equitable society.

Lab and Classroom Support

Support Provide support to ensure that the thousands of CSULB students in the college’s 60 degree departments and programs learn and train on the latest technology and laboratory equipment, from language labs to Global Information System to air traffic control technology.

Scholarship Support

Scholarship endowments have a permanent impact by increasing access and providing support that allows the best and brightest students to focus full-time on their academic careers.



Make an Impact


Additional investment opportunities are available. Please inquire.



Howie Fitzgerald, Director of Development
College of Liberal Arts
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90840

Naming Opportunities Minimum Investment
Career Development and Internship Endowment $ 3,000,000
Center for Economic Research Endowment $ 2,000,000
Field School and Study Abroad Endowment $ 2,000,000
Global Studies Institute $ 1,000,000
Center for Social Justice $ 1,000,000
Lab and Classroom Support $ 500,000
Endowed Graduate Scholarship $ 100,000
Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship $ 50,000
Graduate School Preparation Funds $ 50,000
Department Chair Funds $ 25,000
Endowed Domestic Travel Funds $ 25,000
Endowed Conference Registration Funds $ 25,000


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