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The study of business has been a tradition at Cal State Long Beach since the university’s founding in 1949.

Over the years, the global business landscape has been shaped by the university’s more than 55,000 business graduates, whose ranks include such visionary leaders as Russ Lesser (President of Body Glove International), Cynthia Stamper Graff (CEO and Owner of Lindora, Inc.), Wayne Murdy (CEO of Newport Mining Company) and Mark F. O’Meara (professional golfer and brand ambassador). With its student-centered philosophy, entrepreneurial spirit, global perspective, emphasis on experiential learning and diverse student body, today’s College of Business holds a special place on the landscape of higher education in Southern California.

Opportunities for Investment

Support Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Make a high-caliber business education accessible to students who bring the unique perspectives and insights that help organizations keep pace with an ever-evolving global business environment. Strengthen the programs that enrich their learning as they become the change agents of tomorrow’s workforce.

Usher in a New Era of Business Education

Develop new certificates that respond to the needs of lifelong learners to provide students with a robust skillset in new business areas, including data science and analytics, cybersecurity, Fintech and blockchain. A suite of core experiential programs that offer hands-on learning, internships, externships and a speaker series will give students the leadership skills and big-picture understanding that today’s employers demand.

Push the Frontiers of Scholarship

Provide students with opportunities to broaden their knowledge and become engaged stakeholders by learning from faculty research contributing to societal well-being. College of Business faculty scholars will effect positive social change through research on issues facing our local communities. Business faculty and students are part of a network that contributes to the development of effective systems, improved economic performance, increased innovation and enhanced employee well-being. Learning through research informed by practice and application can lead to a more equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace.


Make an Impact


Additional investment opportunities are available. Please inquire.

Ella Gomez, Director of Development
College of Business
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840

Naming Opportunities Minimum Investment

Naming and Endowment of the College of Business Center for Student Success

$ 5,500,000

Endowed Dean’s Chair

$ 3,000,000
Financial Technologies Lab Endowment $ 2,000,000
Endowed Faculty Chair $ 2,000,000
Naming and Endowment of The Student Center for Professional Development $ 2,000,000
Innovative Teaching and Impactful Faculty Research Endowment Fund $ 1,000,000
Future Changemakers Endowed Fund: Support for Business Student Organizations $ 750,000
Endowed Business Leaders Speaker Series $ 500,000
Endowed Professorship $ 500,000
Student Success Fund: Advising and Tutoring Endowment  $ 250,000
Beach Investment Group (BIG) Activities Support Endowment Fund $ 250,000
Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship $ 100,000
Endowed Graduate Scholarship $ 100,000
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) Annual Fund $ 100,000
Beach Business Mentoring Fund: Undergraduate and Graduate students $ 100,000
Marketing Business Center Fund $ 75,000
Academic Competition Fund $ 50,000
Accessing Success Fund: Internships and Externships $ 50,000
Endowed Business Student Awards $ 25,000
Department Funds: Accountancy, Finance, Management, Human Resources, Operations and Supply Chain, Information Systems, Marketing, or International Business $ 25,000
Building Business Leaders: SCPD Student Leadership Retreat $ 25,000


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