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WSJ Study Shows Value of CSULB Public Health Program

Published July 16, 2021
Wall Street Journal

Cal State Long Beach is routinely recognized as a top-ranked university also known for its value

The most recent example came Thursday in a Wall Street Journal story featuring the university's Master of Public Health program.

The article details that Beach MPH graduates not only earn the same income as program graduates at the University of Southern California, but carry 2.5 times less debt.

The Wall Street Journal article allows readers to compare debt-to-income ratios of all the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in the nation.

The data show Cal State Long Beach is one of the best universities relative to debt-to-income ratio.

This is consistent with CSULB data the concludes that even its undergraduate students graduate with less debt than many other major universities.

In fact, roughly 57% of Cal State Long Beach’s undergraduate students graduate with no debt.