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Designated paths promote safe solutions for getting around campus

Published February 6, 2020

Cal State Long Beach has developed a way for skateboarders and cyclists to co-exist with pedestrians by creating designated “wheel pathways” on campus. The program is designed to alleviate run-ins and promote safety for students.

Starting this semester, students can find large yellow decals positioned on certain pathways around campus that designate where non-motorized coasting devices can travel. The areas feature decals or painted 36- or 24-inch signs depicting skateboarders and cyclists.  All motorized devices are prohibited on campus.

Jeff Klaus, associate vice president of Student Affairs, said the move to closer regulate skateboards and bicycles was two-fold: safety concerns and to promote alternative transportation. He and a student committee observed traffic patterns and reviewed high-congestion areas for more than a year. What they discovered was a need for regulated pathways across campus.

“Our students worked hand-in-hand with our planners from Beach Building Services to develop pathways that made sense and respected pedestrian traffic,” Klaus said.

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In addition to the round decals, there will be seven visible “dismount zone” signs, where skateboarders and cyclists will be required to walk their wheels in pedestrian-only areas. Violators will be warned for the first two months, then possibly face being cited by University Police.

The painted-yellow signs first appeared last semester on South Campus. Decals were placed in the Quad and other areas of North Campus this semester.

As always, coasting devices are prohibited in campus buildings, covered areas, parking lots and pedestrian zones, such as Maxon Plaza and University Student Union walkways. This policy includes bicycles, roller skates, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards.

“We are excited to see the positive changes the wheeled pathways create for our campus community,” Klaus said.

Students who are interested in renting a bike can find them in eight Long Beach Bike Share Stations on campus for a discount price of $7.50 a month for 90 minutes a day. For more information visit LB Bike Share FAQ.