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Important Milestones

There are many steps involved in earning a graduate degree, from enrollment to the completion of a culminating experience. The outline below lists the important milestones graduate students must complete to earn their degree.


Enrollment/Registering for Classes

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

  • Post-baccalaureate students must satisfy the GWAR, and graduate students must complete the requirement before advancement to candidacy. Students have several options for satisfying the GWAR. Note that earning a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in the United States fulfills the GWAR.

Advancement to Candidacy

Culminating Activity 

  • Dissertations are usually the culminating activity for doctoral programs. 
  • Theses, projects, and/or comprehensive exams are usually the culminating activity for master’s degree programs. Consult with the graduate advisor for details.
  • Thesis and Dissertation Office provides formatting guidelines and offers pre-submission consultations for master's projects and theses and doctoral dissertations. There are submission deadlines for each term.