Industry Partners

CSULB is looking for industry partners to participate in LEAP, a $2.1 million National Science Foundation program to train a new generation of highly skilled Hispanic scientists and engineers.

LEAP will carry out 30 year-long projects over the next five years in close coordination with industry partners. For each project, a team of four undergraduate CSULB underrepresented minority students in STEM fields will work under the supervision of a CSULB faculty mentor from the College of Engineering or College of Natural Science and Mathematics, depending on the nature of the project. 

Each team will be supported by a business advisor from the College of Business faculty and a compliance advisor from the College of Engineering faculty, in close coordination with industry partners.

Industry partners will:

  • Have access to a well-trained workforce with expertise in solving real-world problems
  • Define the project topic
  • Identify a mentor to monitor project progress and guide the team with a two-hour average weekly time commitment They will also periodically evaluate project milestones based on realistic and well-defined timelines.
  • Not bear any financially committment, as the NSF provides $70,000 funding for each team
  • Have access to low-cost, state-of-the-art equipment in faculty mentor labs and shared CSULB facilities.


2020-2021 Industry Partners:

1. Boeing 

2. Northrop Grumman 

3. AlphaSTAR Corp.

4. NextGen Aeronautics