Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentors from the College of Engineering or the College of Natural Science and Mathematics will:

  • Define the technical scope and goal of student projects, in coordination with an industry mentor
  • Select student project participants, in coordination with the program director, college coordinators, and recruitment coordinator
  • Organize team meetings and supervise students in executing project sections (including literature surveys, experimentations,  and methodology)
  • Provide required lab space, materials and supplies, computers, and team access to university facilities such as machine shops and shared analytical instruments (The coordinator will ensure that these required services are in place.)
  • Receive $2,500 in additional pay per project for performing identified tasks
  • Be considered for additional lab supply funding from a $2,500 pool allocated by the program director and college coordinators.

2020-2021 Faculty Mentors:

  1. Dr. Emel Demircan
  2. Dr. Oscar Morales
  3. Dr. Surajit Roy
  4. Dr. Yu Yang