Faculty Managing LEAP:

Program Director and Principal Investigator
Ehsan Barjasteh
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, COE

COE Coordinator
Parviz Yavari
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, COE

CNSM Coordinator
Shahab Derakhshan
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, CNSM

Business Advisor
Banafsheh Behzad
Associate Professor, Information Systems, COB

Compliance Advisor
Sara Moghtadernejad
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, COE

Research and Evaluation Coordinator
Susan Gomez-Swiep
Professor, Science Education,  CNSM

Student Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement Coordinator
Elaine Villanueva Bernal
Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry, CNSM