Who We Are

Our Mission

Institutional Research and Analytics (IR&A) strives to enhance institutional effectiveness by providing accurate and reliable data for decision-support in institutional planning, policy formation, student success initiatives, program reviews, and accreditation services. We provide data and reporting to faculty members and administration as well as to other groups and outside agencies. In addition, IR&A is responsible for university compliance with mandated reporting from the California State University Office of the Chancellor, as well as the State and Federal Government.

About IR & A

Institutional Research and Analytics reports student-focused information directly to community members both on and off campus. In the centralized IR&A office, the efforts of the team encompass collecting and analyzing data, generating reports, and providing analytic tools for distributing data to stakeholders and the greater campus community. In working toward a holistic approach to student success, IR&A promotes data-informed decision making by engaging stakeholders with student-focused data and increasing the availability and use of these data. Common areas of interest include admissions, enrollment, retention and persistence rates, as well as time-to-degree and graduation rates broken down by student type (i.e. freshmen, transfers etc.).