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Dashboard Glossary

Term Definition
FTF  First-Time Freshman
FTEF  Full-Time Equivalent Faculty
FTES  Full-Time Equivalent Student
FTEs  Full-Time Equivalents

Please Note:

  • Sex is the gender that is assigned at birth;
  • Pell Eligibility is a marker of low-income students;
  • Minority Status is comprised of two groups: Underrepresented Minority (URM) consisting African American, American Indian and Hispanic/Latino/Latina students and Non-Under Represented Minority (NURM) consisting of Caucasian and Asian students;
  • First-Generation Status are students whose parents do not have a post-secondary degree;
  • Race/Ethnicity is the self-reported racial/ethnic background of the student;
  • Tenure Density is Tenured/Tenure Track FTEFs as a percent of total instructional faculty