Beach Fund

Making every gift count

Each year, alumni, parents and friends create opportunities that help the university prepare tomorrow’s leaders for a changing world. Your gifts to the Beach Fund have a direct impact on student life and success — and on all the things that add up to a great Beach experience.

Since only half of the university’s funding comes from the state, we rely increasingly on generous contributions to the Beach Fund to keep our campus thriving. The Beach Fund helps fill the gaps when state support and student fees fall short, and it gives university leaders the flexibility to move quickly and decisively to address both unexpected needs and exciting opportunities.

Your gifts to the Beach Fund, combined with others, not only help move our students, faculty and programs forward, but they are also a tangible expression of your belief in the university and in its capacity to make vital contributions to our community and world. When you give to The Beach, you show prospective donors your confidence in the university. And because alumni-giving rates factor into popular college rankings, your gifts also help shape public perceptions of the university.