Beachfunder is the official crowdfunding platform of California State University, Long Beach, offering an interactive and more personal experience when supporting university and student-led projects and initiatives across campus. With crowdfunding, it is the collective power of our community of donors that creates an impact. Beachfunder allows donors to contribute to specific areas they are passionate about via grassroots philanthropic fundraising.  

Crowdfunding at CSULB will be used in a variety of capacities, including fundraising for research projects, scholarships, specialized equipment, service projects, student organization trips, and other top priority projects. Project leads can utilize Beachfunder to tell the story of their projects, fundraise, and share the impact they’re making on campus and beyond.

If you are interested in using Beachfunder to raise philanthropic support for an official CSULB project or program, please check out our Crowdfunding Guidelines and submit your application.