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Document Destruction

The Purchasing Department has contracted with a supplier to provide document destruction services for the campus community. Purchasing facilitates the process on behalf of the campus and is the campus service provider for Chargeback Shredding Services.

Requisition Required?

No, chargeback process is used.

Administrative Guidelines Related to this Purchase?

Key Purchasing Requirements and Quote/Bid Thresholds?


Additional Forms or Requirements?

Complete the Document Destruction Request Form (DocuSign) to begin service.

By accepting a contract with the CSU, Contractors must certify they are neither nor its principals or its subcontractors are presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from participation in transactions by any federal department or agency (2 Code Federal Regulations[CFR] 180.220, in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget guidelines at 2 CFR 180 that implement Executive Orders 12549 (3 CFR Part 1986 Comp., p. 189) and 12689 (3 CFR Part 1989 Comp., p. 235).

For contracts using both, CSU and federally awarded funds, a debarment check must be completed prior to issuing any procurement contracts of goods or services that are $25,000.00 or greater.

Risk Management Review Required?


Payments and Approvals

  1. Chargebacks are paid through campus consolidated invoicing. Service providers obtain Speedcharts (PDF) and pre-approval at initial setup and do not require additional documentation each month.

Additional Notes

Campus Sole Provider: Access (Previously, South Bay Document Destruction). Campus contact representative is Alex Key,


When viewing chargeback entries in Data Warehouse (DWH), CSS is the three-letter prefix in the Journal ID field to signify a Document Destruction purchase.

GL Account(s) Used

660003 - Supplies and Services