About College Corps

California Volunteers

With funding from California Volunteers and other state offices, CSULB has partnered with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Allan Hancock College, and Cuesta College to develop and provide paid internship opportunities and programs at each of the respective campuses.

At CSULB, our College Corps @ the Beach program will work with campus and community partners to place students in two-semester paid internships.

Learn about about how to become a community host with CSULB.

Interns placements will focus on key issues related to climate action and environmental justice, food insecurity, and K-12 education with an emphasis on climate literacy. The goal is to create debt-free pathways to college while engaging students in solving problems in their communities.

Students participating in College Corps @ the Beach will:

  • Hone professional and educational skills and knowledge.
  • Explore career opportunities.
  • Build and expand their networks with community professionals.
  • Engage in real-world job experiences.
  • Attend professional development trainings and workshops.
  • Connect with other interns across the state via a virtual community platform and regional events.
  • Receive $7,000 of financial aid toward living expenses (paid in monthly installments), as well as a $3,000 educational award at the completion of the internship that can be used to pay off education loans or put toward future educational expenses.

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Our Partners

College Corps @ the Beach is part of a consortium with the following institutions.


Cal Poly

Cuesta College

Allan Hancock College

About #CaliforniansForAll College Corps

College Corps @ the Beach is a part of the larger statewide initiative, #CaliforniansForAll College Corps.

#CaliforniansForAll College Corps will help create debt-free pathways to college while engaging students across the state in solving problems in their communities.

This first of its kind initiative is being launched in partnership with 45 California colleges and universities. Over two years these partner campuses will deploy more than 6,000 College Corps Fellows to tackle statewide challenges, and for the first time, will include AB 540 eligible Dreamers in a state service program.