As a field that explores the dynamics of moving between different languages, cultures, branches of knowledge, and media, translation has always existed at the intersection of several disciplines, playing a major role in the development of human cultures and the dissemination of ideas. Training in translation can complement every discipline and profession, including all technical and business-related fields where disciplinary knowledge and translation ability are required. There are currently three pathways to achieve recognition for coursework in Translation Studies at CSULB: the Minor in Translation Studies, the Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Translation Studies Option, and the Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies. All three pathways have been configured as cross-disciplinary curricular packages that prepare students for a variety of job opportunities as well as further specialization in the field.

The Minor in Translation Studies provides students with insight into this multifaceted field and its many applications as a means of global exchange of ideas, knowledge, material goods, services, and technologies, across languages and cultures. It offers a foundational and scalable skill set which, combined with any other disciplinary objective, will maximize opportunities for employment and professionalization. Its three core courses impart the basic tenets of translation theory in tandem with tangible applications over the entire range of academic disciplines. Two elective courses, one in language and the other in the student’s primary area of study, establish direct links between the minor, language(s) and disciplines specific to each student.

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This program couples a strong foundation in Linguistics with Translation Studies. Students can choose to specialize in any language (including languages not offered at CSULB). The program includes the study of meaning systems, natural language discourse, syntax, common grammatical patterns across the world's languages, translation methodologies, ethics, literary translation, and more.

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Translation plays a key role in today’s global economy. Learn to bring ideas and products to the world by serving local needs. The graduate certificate is a 12-month program with flexible course delivery taught by experienced faculty from the Donato Center.

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