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The Clorinda Donato Center for Global Romance Languages and Translation Studies was established on January 21, 2017, thanks to a $1.1 million donation by longtime supporter of Italian Studies, Mario Giannini.

Named after its current director, Clorinda Donato, the center supports pedagogical research and instruction in two areas: Romance Language Intercomprehension, a strategy for multiple language communication and learning that targets language families, in this case, the Romance languages, and Translation Studies.

The overarching goals of the center are to establish collaborative, integrative, and interdisciplinary educational and research programs in Translation Studies and the networked teaching of the Romance languages in a global context. The center intends to become a powerful site for interdisciplinary research in the many fields that have a stake in Translation Studies. We seek to work with professionals who have a broad interdisciplinary profile and vision in multilingual teaching and Translation Studies so that skills of translation and language study can incentivize students to connect with a wide variety of other disciplines both within the College of Liberal Arts and with other colleges in the university.

The center's Minor in Translation Studies officially launched in Fall 2019. Training in translation prepares students for careers in other language-related professions, including journalism and public relations, and all technical and business-related fields where disciplinary knowledge and translation ability are required (these fields are growing, as proven by the uptake in language service providers or LSPs). Students in the Minor will undoubtedly benefit from a curriculum that allows them to break out of their disciplinary silos so that they are prepared for jobs that require insights from diverse areas of expertise.