The Clorinda Donato Center for Global Romance Languages and Translation Studies was established on January 21, 2017, thanks to a very generous gift from Mr. Mario Giannini. Named after its Director, Clorinda Donato, the Center supports pedagogical research and instruction in two areas: Translation Studies, and the Romance languages in their global, and interrelated linguistic and cultural context. The Center hosts the Minor degree in Translation Studies and the Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies, which is currently accepting applications for the first cohort of students in Fall 2022. The Center also collaborates on the Major Option in Translation offered by the Department of Linguistics. The interconnected skills of translation and language study are integral to disciplines across the university and all areas of future employment. Training in translation prepares students for careers in other language-related professions, including journalism and public relations, and all technical and business-related fields where disciplinary knowledge and translation ability are required. These fields are growing, as proven by the uptake in language service providers or LSPs throughout the world.

Photo of Mario Giannini.
Mr. Mario Giannini