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Juntos: Italian for Speakers of English and Spanish

Juntos: Italian for Speakers of English and Spanish, Third Edition, is the first comprehensive textbook for the teaching of Italian to students who already possess knowledge of Spanish, whether as L1 Spanish speakers, heritage speakers, or L2 Spanish learners. Suitable for students at the high school and college levels, Juntos is also the first textbook to cultivate interlinguistic awareness through intercomprehension, developing bridges that foster the recognition and use of students’ bilingual repertoire as a tool for learning Italian and acquiring other Romance languages.


  • Networked approach that motivates learners to draw on their multilingual language repertoire to acquire reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in Italian
  • Innovative activities that encourage multilingual, multicultural, and metalinguistic thinking and analysis
  • Readings and translation activities that promote and develop translanguaging—the practice of drawing from one's multilingual linguistic repertoire as a whole when thinking, speaking, and writing
  • Instruction that reinforces learners’ knowledge of English and Spanish, while building understanding of the links and interactions between global Romance languages and cultures
  • Inclusive readings on topics of transnational interest that invite students to reflect on the interconnectedness of cultures around the world
  • A companion website with audio files and supplemental web-based activities that reinforce students' intercultural awareness and literacy
  • Full-color interior, with illustrations and easy-to-read, color-coded language recognition system
  • A PDF-only Instructor’s Guide and Answer Key is available to qualified instructors by request. Please use this form to request the Instructor’s Guide and Answer Key.
  • Training Videos for Instructors: Training videos designed for instructors looking for step-by-step instructions for teaching Italian multilingually to Spanish-speaking students are available here.

Front cover of Juntos textbook