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Marquee Guidelines

Strategic Communications will consider artwork submissions for our 7th Street electronic display that meet these guidelines:

  • The information or event must have relevancy to a large, broad audience. 
  • Events must take place on campus and be sponsored by an academic or administrative unit.
  • Submit marquee artwork 3 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Marquee slide will be posted a week prior to the event date.
  • Strategic Communications is unable to design any artwork.


Artwork specifications

Marquee Guidelines, see below for details

  • Marquee slide will be posted a week prior to the event date. If a deadline is being considered, slide will be posted a week prior to deadline.

  • Dimensions must be 1232 by 440 pixels @72dpi.

  • Video slides must be no more than 10 seconds in length.

  • Artwork must contain pertinent information only with an image (I.e. event name, brief details, time, date, location, short URL or phone number).

  • Simplify URLs (omit www, create short URLs).

  • Main colors can be: black, gold, white. Any of those colors can be dominant.

  • If possible keep content brief and provide margins around the content. Viewers only have seconds to read content.

  • Associated Press style is required (e.g. January 30, 2019 becomes Jan. 30. 6:00 pm becomes 6 p.m.).

  • Use large text, avoid small text as much as possible to help with legibility. See the example shown as a guide for scale and proportions. Text smaller than what appears in the example will be unreadable and the artwork will need to be edited.

  • Artwork should not be busy. Try to stick with dark text against light background or vice versa and be aware that busy backgrounds will be make it harder for passersby to read the information. If possible, school colors are preferred.

  • Font used is Gotham.

  • Strategic Communications reserves the right to edit submissions.